Our in-house Chemist to assist you with advice, problem solving and bespoke product solutions


Onsite Facilities

Our lab is located onsite at our main manufacturing hub in Falkirk, Central Scotland. The lab is fully equipped to perform a range of quality control and microbiological tests as well as research and development work on a sophisticated range of products. Our experienced lab team includes a dedicated quality control and product development team, with all operations managed by our Technical Manager.

Quality Control

The team perform a series of quality control tests on all products manufactured on and off-site to ensure that our customers are getting the best product every time they order. Some of these tests include: PH, viscosity, moisture determination, anionic, cationic titrations, and total viable count. These tests allow us to ensure the product composition is optimal, and the products are free from bacteria.


Our Team invest a significant amount of time keeping up to date with all the latest national and international regulations including REACH, Biocidal and CLP. Thereby ensuring all our products meet the highest standards possible and is able to advise the senior management team on strategic decisions regarding the creation and manufacture of our extensive product range. Should our customers need assistance interpreting regulations our lab team are always on hand to offer guidance and support.

Product Development

Present Unico formulations offer highly effective cleaning solutions for the office and institutional environment and Unico spends a great deal of time advancing its products and developing new ones. Unico takes its environmental commitments very seriously and takes this into account with all product development. In recent years some formulations have been altered to replace ingredients with more environmentally friendly ones, all while maintaining excellent performance from each product. We are able to create custom solutions for customers if they have specific needs that can't be met by any of our current product range.

Future Goals

We believe that our lab team are one of our greatest business assets and something that really sets us apart from our competitors. By continuing to invest in our laboratory and our team we can continue to grow the business and reinforce our position ourselves as a real source of specialist knowledge in our field.